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ScintCare CT16 was successfully installed and operated in Tibet

In October 2016, ScintCare CT16 produced by MinFound Medical was successfully installed and operated in Huaxie Hospital in Changdu, Tibet. Till now, it was the most west place where ScintCare CT16 reached and also the first product of MinFound Medical installed in Tibet. With the rapid development of medical and health services in Tibet, more and more MinFound products would come into the hospitals in Tibet.

However, the Tibet tourist for ScintCare CT16 was not as easy as we thought. Due to the long distance and bad road condition, when CT was sent to the hospital and finished installation, we found that there was a small problem in the heavy precision bearing imported with the original packaging from Germany, and generally speaking, the bearing could use more than ten years under normal condition. To show our high responsibility to customers, MinFound Medical decided to replace the CT. In order to avoid bearing being wrong again, MinFound made a protector especially for the bearing transportation, rented an air cushion transport car and appointed special staff to stay with the car, strictly limiting car’s running speed and finally sending new CT to the hospital, and successfully installed and operated. MinFound wanted to share the difficulties we experienced to you.

1 For Sale

The Huaxie Hospital in Changdu, Tibet is a large-scale general hospital established by the ratification of national health authorities, with medical treatment, scientific research, prevention and health care as the whole. The hospital was founded on May the 14th, 2015, whose business scope includes internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, department of orthopedics, emergency department, family planning, traditional Chinese medicine department, department of skin and urinary, department of stomatology, department of reproduction and inheritance, geriatric department, rehabilitation department, pharmacy department, inspection center, physical examination, medical image, CT room, anesthesia department, ophthalmology, combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine, radiology department, kidney stone department, Cardia-cerebrovascular Disease, anorectal section.

An agent of MinFound Medical in Tibet area helped to sell ScintCare CT16 to this hospital. When knowing Changdu Huaxie Hospital wanted to buy CT, the agent went to the hospital to introduce ScintCare CT16 to relevant leaders for many times. The leaders of hospital were very satisfied to the image quality achieved by ScintCare CT16 as well as to the fact that five key components were imported with the highest level of scanning parameters. After full comparison and argumentation of leaders in the hospital, Changdu Huaxie Hospital finally chose ScintCare CT16.

2 For Transportation

There are more than 3700 kilometers from MinFound factory in Shaoxin to Changdu Huaxie Hospital. The first transportation was along sichuan-tibet highway. After 7 days’ jolt, ScintCare CT16 reached to Karuo area in Changdu, whose east was Jiangda, Gongjue County, south the Chaya, Baxiu County, west the Leiwuqi County and north the Yushu County and Nangqian County in Qinghai. It is always the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation of Changdu city, called “the portal for eastern Tibet”.

However, when finished installation, we found that there was something wrong of ScintCare CT16 since we haven’t made professional transportation protection. MinFound immediately sent engineers to check and found that there was something wrong with the heavy precision bearing imported with original packaging from Germany and could use more than ten years under normal condition. MinFound Medical was a company with strong responsibility. We decided to send to new CT there. Sending a new CT meant a lot of expenses in production, manpower, logistics, etc. But MinFound proceeded without hesitation, which fully reflected our sincerity to customers.

The second transportation was heading to Qinghai direction. In order to guarantee no risk at all, we rented an air cushion car especially for transportation. Still after 7 days, ScintCare CT16 arrived at Changdu Huaxie Hospital. This time, everything went on well from installation to try operation. Experiencing the former difficult conditions, engineers finally made a long sigh of relief and smiled happily.

3 For Training

The after-sales service has a mature system. When ScintCare CT16 is operated, experienced clinicians should train those doctors who just contacted with ScintCare CT16 to carry out clinical application, helped them to know the specific functions of product as well as the operations. As to the after-sale training, MinFound Medical paid many attentions and appointed clinicians with many-year training experience to train the doctors in site to quickly understand and grasp essential points of operation.

Since most doctors in primary hospitals have no service experience of 16-slice CT, clinicians from MinFound medical would carry out systematic training from such aspects as theory, operation, range of application, after-treatment operation, etc. They would sometimes communicate their diagnostic experience. After training, hospital had deeper understanding to the product, which was also very helpful to clinical diagnosis.

Under the endeavor of all MinFound people, ScintCare CT16 has successfully served patients in Changdu Huaxie Hospital. That blue logo of MinFound set off the white clouds in pure and lucid sky in Tibet, with sparkling rays of light.

We believe that with more and more applications of MinFound medical products all over the country and even the world, MinFound would make our own contributions to the medical treatment and health to national people and even people around the world.