MinFound Cloud Solution

By building a high-level multi-level remote collaboration system based on the DICOM3.0 international standard and using sophisticated imaging equipment and Internet + Medical, MinFound has built a smart medical big data platform to enable more and more medical institutions, in order to achieve “Serious illness not out of the county, small illness not out of the country” the new medical reform grading diagnosis and treatment goals to provide a strong guarantee. Relying on mCloud and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, build a bridge between medical institutions and high-end medical to achieve “Cloud sharing, cloud diagnosis, cloud services” of telemedicine. In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis, early screening of severe diseases, health management of individuals throughout their life cycle, and auxiliary decision-making in medical and health care will be carried out on the basis of big data of medical images to realize accurate medical treatment from “Treatment” to “Prevention”. Jointly improve the overall medical capacity of medical institutions, promote the implementation of the medical community, grading diagnosis and treatment to provide assistance for medical institutions in the region to establish authority.


Cloud Diagnosis

Famous radiologists’ diagnosis through remote image diagnosis solution, improving primary hospital diagnosis ability.

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MinFound mCloud

Cloud Storage, Area Control, Data Sharing, Data Services, Big Data Mining, Intelligent Assistance, Electronic Film, Image Transmission, Remote Cloud Consultation/Diagnosis

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